Whole & Divorced

Your Personal Plan to Heal & Level-Up After Divorce

The happily-ever-after you dreamed of... well, it failed :-/

Peace? What's that, right?

Asking yourself, when will this pain go away?

Are you afraid to love again? Trust Again?

Do you question who you are now as a single woman?

I get it! I've been there too! 

But with God's help you can take your life back! There is hope for you, and I am so excited to introduce to you....

*Imagine being able to interact with your ex without emotionally flinching

*Imagine connecting with God to heal your deepest relational wounds

*Imagine loving yourself like you never have before

*Imagine turning this experience into a powerful testimony & walking confidently in your life's purpose

*Imagine being whole so you can be the best mother & future wife possible

I know. God knows. This is all possible for you!


Hello Healing!

Allow me to introduce myself... I'm Aleida [Ah-lay-dah].

I am a certified Inner-Healing Prayer Minister & Soul Prosperity Coach. Just a few short year ago my life suddenly blew up. One minute I'm a pastor's wife with the ministry, new home and seemly perfect family. The next minute, I'm abandoned and served divorced papers. I too have been through a divorce, and felt the pain and heartbreak first-hand.

Since then I've been on an amazing healing & self discovery journey with Jesus. Desperate for healing and wholeness, I sought answers by taking online courses, going to therapy, investing in a life coach, interviewing other divorced women, receiving prayer ministry and getting certified as biblical counselor/prayer minister myself. Through that process my eyes were opened. Blinded by my inner-wounds I didn't realize the type of relationship I was in - it was toxic. I endured emotional, mental and religious abuse.

Rebuilding after my divorce wasn't easy, but I now know life after divorced is possible and i'm ready to help you experience healing, love (God's love & self-love), peace and  direction, just as I have.

I created this course drawing on my personal experience and training to help you partner with Heaven to create your happily-ever-after after your divorce.

"Aleida was a panelist at an annual conference I host where the topic was ‘Love & Loss’ (for women who have lost someone either through divorce or death). The insight she brought to the panel was invaluable as she offered the participants a tremendous amount of quality information which served to help them on their growth journeys. Her desire to help women walk in their purpose and reach success is clearly evident in the passion she brings when speaking. I would have her as a speaker every year!"

Courtnee N. Jackson
Becoming His Ministires

So, here's what we'll cover together...

Module #1
Faith Activation

This module is all about setting the foundation, activating your faith and developing a positive post divorce mindset to put you on the path of healing. You'll gain insight of Heaven's Perspective of your divorce and suffering. We will also discuss your current emotions and what you are currently experiencing internally.

Outcomes: Grief awareness, Understanding of Heaven's Perspective and how to get in alignment with what God is doing.

Module #2
Devotion 101

In this module we will set you up for encounters with Love Himself. Learn how to position your heart in spite of your pain and hear God's voice. In order to experience deep-level healing you'll need to be connected to our Healer.

Outcomes: Keys for Successful Devotion, Hearing God's voice vs. ours, others and the enemies

Module #3
Steps to Inner-Healing

This module is the meat & potatoes of the course, it's all about inner-healing! I will walk through the inner-healing process, prayers and encounter with God.  You'll begin to have peace with your past, get to know yourself more deeply and understand the role you played in your divorce. Working with Holy Spirit you'll address your inner-wounds from your divorce and even your childhood, you'll improve your relationship with God, yourself and others.

Outcomes: Understanding Inner-Healing, Recognize your heart struggles, Forgiveness, Generational Healing

Module #4
Lovin' Me Again

You spent years as "we" but now it's time to focus on you! You've invested and compromised so much of yourself while trying to maintain your marriage that you no longer recognize who you are. Little by little you changed and lost yourself. In this module you will rediscover YOU and pick up the pieces of you that were lost, while also uncovering new aspects of yourself that have been birthed through your struggles.

Outcomes: Understanding Self-Love, Setting Boundaries, The Wheel of Life, and Self-Care

Module #5
Enjoying the Journey 

In this module you will understand how to enjoy the journey in spite of any mistakes or setbacks. We will also discuss unhealthy coping mechanism, when to date again and pursing purpose!

Outcomes: Understanding Grace on the journey, Signs you are ready to date, things to avoid and purpose discovery

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Wholeness Here I Come!!

2 Monthly Installments (Beta)


Access to all materials, Facebook Community and Weekly LIVE Trainings & Q&A.

I'm Ready to Meet the NEW Me!

This Class is for you if...


*You desire to be whole and completely move on after your divorce

*You're ready to make sense of what happened and find peace with the past

*You know you're created to do more but you're tired of pain holding you back

*You're not looking for a quick fix, but ready to do the internal work to finally let go 

*You're ready to step up your parenting game

*You want to learn how to trust yourself and others again


Is this therapy or counseling?

No, this is a self-study course and coaching program. It is not therapy. Signing up for this program does not create a therapist-patient relationship. This program is not in any way meant to replace therapy, but it will enhance the work you do in therapy. 

When does enrollment for Whole & Divorced close?

Enrollment for the Beta run of Whole & Divorce will close Friday, June 7, 2019. In a few weeks enrollment will open again at double the cost.

When will class start?

The Beta run of Whole & Divorced will begin on Friday, June 7th. You will receive an email to access the course.

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Access to all materials, Facebook Community and Weekly LIVE Teachings & Q&A.

Wholeness Here I Come!!

2 Monthly Installments (Beta)


Access to all materials, Facebook Community and Weekly LIVE Trainings & Q&A.

I'm Ready to Meet the NEW Me!

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